In spite of its flaws and inconsistencies - For me, this tough, and decidedly gritty, little, 1942 Crime/Drama was something of an unexpected surprise, as it turned out to be a whole lot better than I had originally thought it would be.

The overall success of this film's story relied significantly on the relative new-comer to the scene, actor Alan Ladd. Without a hitch Ladd certainly pulled off his complex part quite convincingly as the Philip Raven character, a friendless, professional, hired-killer seeking revenge for a double-cross.

Intelligent, well-scripted and quick-paced, "This Gun For Hire" was adapted for the screen from the Graham Greene novel, "A Gun For Sale".

Filmed in stark b&w, this classic slice of early, Hollywood, Film Noir moves along at a nice, brisk clip with its 80 minute running time.

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